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  • Thomas the Melungeon: His Locust Family of Melungeon Free Persons of Color Civil and Revolutionary War Patriots

    This lively historical and genealogical work, “Thomas the Melungeon,” is written for the enjoyment of youth to adult readers.  The book chronicles the Lucas-Locust Melungeon family as they trace their lineage from 1646 and 1636 in England, Africa and Colonial America to the present day in historical context. Many members of this family were Civil and Revolutionary War Patriots. Travel along with “Big Meat,” “Robie,” “Lamb,” “Thomas,” and other real-life family members who were Missionaries, Preachers, Teachers, Farmers, Soldiers, Merchants and indentured servants. The subjects engage the reader in a discovery of finding ancestors through military, educational, census and church records, newspapers and other primary sources. Melungeon lineage has been documented through DNA, yet their origin still fosters heated discussions, disputes and claims of Portuguese, Turkish and Native American ancestry.  Thomas Locust Fuller, A Free Man of Color, enlisted in North Carolina’s 14th Heavy Artillery U.S.C.T. on his 18th birthday and struggled for years to obtain his military pension.  In spite of his limited education, three of his six sons graduated from college prior to 1898 and one son, Reverend Lemuel “Lamb” Fuller received an Advanced Theology Degree from Lincoln University in 1901.